A Platform for FLOVID-20
The FLOVID-20 treatment was the primary focus for FlowPharma's web build. Administered via inhalation, it directly targets cells in the lungs and improves the quality of the patient's breathing. I thought this would be a fitting theme to base the website design on - the concept of breath, wind, and air. This brought to mind images of curves, organic lines, and flowing textures which are evident throughout the final design.
Adding Movement
Static images can only go so far to communicate an idea as ethereal as breath or wind. To better illustrate this theme, I incorporated a subtle, looped particle animation into the hero section of the homepage. Overlaid above the blue organic shapes, this created a pleasant sense of calming movement. In addition to promoting the wind theme, the particles also help represent the FLOVID-20 medication itself, and the nature of its administration.
Modular and Customizable Subpages
Subpages were built with modularity in mind. FlowPharma needed the ability to customize and swap/mix and match page sections freely as their needs change over time. By including several key components such as callout sections, image/video text pairs, block grids and calls to action, FlowPharma can easily craft any page to their needs quickly and easily.

— M O R E P R O J E C T S —

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